• Classic/Elegant

    Timeless and sophisticated, featuring tailored suits, dress shirts, blazers, dress shoes, and accessories like ties or pocket squares.

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  • Biker

    Influenced by motorcycle culture and is characterized by a rebellious and edgy aesthetic. At the heart of this style is the iconic material: leather. Leather jackets are a staple in the biker wardrobe, known for their ruggedness and timeless appeal.

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  • Military/Rugged

    It features utilitarian designs, durable fabrics, and practicality. With elements like cargo pants, field jackets, combat boots, and rugged leather boots, this style exudes strength and masculinity.

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  • Casual

    Combining casual and dressier elements, with tailored trousers, button-down shirts, knitwear, loafers, leather boots, and minimal accessories.

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