How to Measure

How to measure the size correctly and choose the right clothes?

Here you will find how we measure individual items of men's clothing and how to measure yourself or a garment you already own and like the fit of to work out the best garment for size & fit.


How to measure the Tops 

What Is My Chest Size?

Measure around the broadest part of your chest keeping the tape up under the arms. Keep one finger between the tape measure and the body and breath in. Whatever that measurement is then that is your chest size. When buying a blazer, sports jacket or tailcoat etc just choose a jacket in your chest size ensuring you all other measurements are suitable ie: sleeve length etc.


Sleeve Length / Shoulder Seam To Cuff 

Measure from crown to wrist (shoulder seam to cuff) or alternatively you can measure a jacket you own and like the fit of to get this measurement. Shoulder to cuff & inner leg length measurements are important as these will decide if you need a Short / Regular or Long fit. ( See below for detailed sizes)


Across Chest / Armpit to Armpit

If you are measuring one of your jackets rather than your own chest then you want to purchase a jacket with similar armpit to armpit / across chest measurement as this will allow the correct room for movement.



Overall length measured from bottom of collar to hem on jackets and coats.



Measured straight across from shoulder seam to shoulder seam.


Jacket / Waistcoat Length

We measure from the base of the collar at back to the hem.


How to measure the Bottoms


For trousers measure 1 inch above the hip bone. Men tend to breathe in when getting measured so ensure you are relaxed and breathing out.


Inside Leg / leg length

Measure crotch to ankle.


Outer Leg / Waistband to Hem 

Measure from waist to ankle or normal position you like to wear your trousers.

Need Help?

If you are still not sure about the size, please contact us directly and we will be happy to recommend the right size for you.